Still under maintenance.

Yes, Filtrs is still under maintenance, but you can view the site. I say its still under maintenance because not everything is the way it needs to be/the way I want it to be. We are setting up a Facebook page, as well as an Instagram page too. We have a Behance page and hopefully soon we can get a Dribbble page.


As for the website you’re currently on, Im working on updating the About page, and I will continue to update the portfolio page. I also want to add a store to the site so that people can put in orders for filters and what not.


If you’re looking at the portfolio and notice that the “Riverhounds” photo design (when you click on the filter to get the description) then go and click on any other filter, you’ll notice that one is different than the other. The “Riverhounds” design is for a separate project I’m working on, for the USL teams. I have more info on that on my Behance.


Thank you for checking out the site, and thank you for your support!


I will continue to update this site pretty much on the daily or weekly, as with my Behance site too.


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