Update 1-28-17

Happy Chinese New Year!
(everything in red was from old update… Green will be this update)

Currently going through a rebrand era.. I still am changing things (Yes, Still not happy with final “F” logo). Its tough when you’re trying to rebrand yourself, make filters, have a personal and social life, and worry about school. Nevertheless, I will still strive to push this site to its max capabilities. I will still strive to do my best..

I feel I should tell you all what I plan on making, filter wise. I won’t go into detail on some, but heres what I’m thinking.

Town filter (Woodbury, PA)

A Few College filters (One being PSU/PSA)

A few Highschool filters

A filter or two overseas (like in Europe..)

Another Pittsburgh one Accepted.. Update to portfolio soon..

USL Team filter (Harrisburg City Islanders)

MLS Team filter (Minnesota United FC)

Template filters that are easy edit for on demand filter usage.


I recently submitted a Carson, CA filter.. Its nice. You will hopefully see it soon!

Im going to work on the About Me page soon. For now though its just going to say “Test” about 15 times.


Ive added a store to sell things from. Im currently selling (its actually for free…. too not really selling. You get the point..) a font I made called “DisThyme”. The store page is currently password protected until February 1, 2017. Thats when Im releasing the font to the public. It looks nice, check it out on Behance.. 


Thanks all again for the views.

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